Project Reforest

Sobreiro Mods is also based on the environmental commitment and responsibility of revitalizing biocapacity and preserving "the lungs" of planet Earth.

The Reforest initiative provides Sobreiros Mods customers  a direct link to this cause and assigns a personal stamp on the increase of environmental sustainability on the Planet. The name of the country or place covered by the project will be included in each model, indicating its contribution to the reforestation of a given region.

The project called Reforest is involved in the reforestation of areas devastated by fires, growing trees of native species and tending them until they reach adulthood.

The degradation of native forest and the consequent loss of native species is an alarming reality in the face of threats such as forest fires, urban pressures and the substitution for exotic species, weeds and monocultures for commercial purposes, making it imperative to act in their defense. The native forest ensures a wide range of ecosystem services, such as soil erosion control, water regulation and filtration, nutrient recycling, soil formation, carbon capture, Atmospheric pollutants, climate mitigation, production of raw materials, reduction of the risk of fires and floods, increased resilience to fires, as well as improving people's quality of life, contributing to their health, balance Social and even economic vitality.

To make the project viable, Sobreiro Mods has established a partnership with the association "Planta uma árvore" (Plant a Tree) in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.