About us

A few years ago we had our first experience with vaporizers. One night, we had the idea of creating a model with certain characteristics that did not exist in the market: a flexible activation system, which assembly, tuning and maintenance were simple, practical and functional with the use of unique and excellent raw materials such as cork (our Ex Libris). In addition, the valorization of handmade manufacture, quality and precision of watchmaking were determining factors.

In terms of materials, we chose AISI 316 stainless steel, bronze and natural cork.

The finishing of the products are high gloss polish and brushed.

The tuning is done in 3 ways: the top that makes the contact to the resistance; The intermediate that is an automatic system and the one that makes the contact to the battery.

The Sobreiro Mod models are the Virgo and the Amadia. The Virgo model means in Latin virgin "Virgo" because the Cork tree in its growth process does not yet have cork and the Amadia model means lovable in latin which is the cork that comes from the extration of the third layer wich is of better quality than the cork obtained from previous extractions.

The project is also associated with a cause, the Reforest project. It is necessary to raise awareness and social responsibility to minimize environmental impacts inherent to the processes of production and transformation of the raw materials.

The Reforest project has partnered with the association "Plantar uma Árvore" (Plant a Tree) which consists of planting autochthonous trees from a region that has been devastated by fires or natural causes. Each Modelo Sobreiro Mod will be linked to the cause through the inscription of the name of the country, the locality and the area covered by the project.

The combination of all these features culminated in the Sobreiro Mods brand that is already available in the market.